"I sure did enjoy your book. It was recommended by a friend in AA. He has 4 years of sobriety and I now have 5 years. We talk about a lot of things you did in your book in our meetings. Thank you for writing this."

– DD – Woodland, California


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Gene Teglovic has lived through the trials and tribulations of life and has come out on top. He is living proof that our thoughts do indeed create our world. Raised in a poverty-stricken broken home, Gene rose above his circumstances to become a successful corporate leader. His purpose in life is to get this message out to the world in as many forums as possible.

In addition to the wide variety of modern roles Gene has served in his life, including veteran, student, university professor, husband, father, divorcee, engineer, and corporate manager, he has studied the ancient Eastern wisdom traditions for three decades. He has practiced and taught meditation for 20+ years, and is a mentor and life coach, helping all who are open for growth and improvement.

Gene holds a Bachelors in Information Systems, an MBA with international business focus, a Masters in Telecommunications, and two patents. He has written several published books, as well as hundreds of technical articles and documents. He connects with fellow seekers around the world through his social media pages, blogs, and web site.

This book is the start of a revolution in self-help, using the powerful impact of simplicity combined with spirituality to manage thoughts. It is a must-read for anyone on a path of personal and spiritual growth.


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