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What are you thinking?

We could all use some help managing our thoughts. Why? Because thought management is the key to a happy, healthy and successful life.

Are you happy most of the time? If not, chances are you're not managing your thoughts well. It's time to start.

This exciting new book about thought management helps you take your thoughts away from the influences of media and other people, so you can begin to understand how critical the control of your thoughts is to your happiness and life satisfaction. It explores the basics of human thought from the layman's point of view and shows you how to:

1) become aware of what you are thinking,

2) observe your thoughts, and

3) manage your thoughts in critical areas of your life.

Embedded in this fascinating new approach to examining and changing current thought patterns are a simple meditation technique, a reflective "giving of thanks" perspective, a metaphor for living life tied to a simple childhood song, and much more.

Reading this book will change your perspective about how you think and why managing your thoughts is the key to happiness. It is an excellent supplement to any psychological therapy work you may be doing, such as anger management, overcoming depression, addiction counseling or other self improvement efforts.

The book, blog and other writings on this site will help you take your thoughts away from the influences of the media and other people. They will help you begin to understand how critical it is to become aware of, observe and manage your thoughts.

Download and read the
Thought Management 101: Wake Up and Be Happy book, which is currently available in digital format.

Visit the Thought Management 101 Blog for regular discussions of thought management topics.

Coming soon! Check out the Manage Your Thoughts About...series of mini-books, which address critical life topics one by one, such as relationships, addictions and life purpose.


Get the book: Paperback and E-Book. Free sample chapters.


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